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Kiss Dou Ni - Show节目

Kiss Dou Ni

Big thanks to the Director of MrKiss88 sponsored all the expenses and price in this video. We have invited our MrKiss TV best friends Suki and Christina to this activity. Our game actually follow with one of the famous beer game – BEER PONGbut for the game rules has been changed by MrKiss. Want to know more about the rules and prizes?

非常感谢 MrKiss88 的导演赞助了这个视频中的所有费用和价格。我们邀请了 MrKiss TV 最好的朋友 SukiChristina 参加这项活动。我们的游戏实际上是跟随著名的啤酒游戏之一 : BEER PONG; 但是因为MrKiss改变了游戏规则。想知道更多规则和奖品吗?

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Suki and Christina has been invited to this activity – Kiss Dou Ni. Both of the influencers has experience with beer pong game since fews years ago, when they started to visit night party or club, this is the game catch their attention. *Follow MrKiss TV Social Media For Upcoming Episodes

SukiChristina受邀参加了这次活动——Kiss逗你。 两位网红从几年前就开始玩啤酒乒乓球游戏了,当他们开始去夜总会或俱乐部时,这就是游戏引起了他们的注意。 *关注 MrKiss TV社交媒体以获取即将播出的影集。

Who are They?

They are new influencers for MrKiss TV, We have a lot of show and TV content coming soon right now. Like our MrKiss Social Media to Follow Our latest news.

他们是 MrKiss TV的小网红,我们现在有很多节目和电视内容即将推出。点赞MrKiss社交媒体以获得我们的最新消息。