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Kiss Dou Ni

Kiss Dou Ni Sponsored by MrKiss TV

Kiss Dou Ni?

Kiss Dou Ni (Kiss逗你) – is a contest show created by MrKiss TV, our purpose is to let the community or any viewers on the internet stand a chance to win prizes.

Our games all build by our MrKiss TV team, and the game rules also set by MrKiss TV.

Want to know more about the rules and prizes?

Kiss逗你 – 是由MrKiss TV创作的一档节目,我们的目的是让社区或互联网上的任何观众都有机会获得奖品。

我们的游戏全部由 MrKiss TV团队打造,游戏规则也由 MrKiss TV制定。


How to win the prizes?

MrKiss TV will arrange and upload a latest contest show in our website in a time frame, and we will notify the contest to every single one of you through our social media, so kindly follow our social media, therefore you won’t miss out every update of MrKiss TV.

MrKiss TV会在一定时间内安排并上传最新的比赛节目在我们的网站上,我们会通过我们的社交媒体将比赛通知给大家,所以请关注我们的社交媒体,这样你就不会错过每一个 MrKiss TV的更新。

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Kiss Dou Ni - Episodes

Who are They?

They are new influencers for MrKiss TV; We have a lot of show content coming soon right now. Like our MrKiss Social Media to Follow Our latest news.

他们是 MrKiss TV的品牌之友;我们有很多节目内容即将推出。点赞MrKiss TV社交媒体和关注最新消息。